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Am I a Hott Mamii?

Name: Rosette
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Location: Orlando Fl
Music: All types..fave right now is maroon 5, usher, & Xtina
Movies: Cruel Intentions, American pie 1.2.3, Legally Blonde
Quote: "Never show weakness..show strength"
Thing you like most about you: I guess my eyes..whats the most important thing about being a hott_mamii: It would be a big boost to my moral and I think i'd be cool to meet other peeps with the same interests
whats the most important thing to people theses days and why: Love..everyone is searching for it..its nice to know someone is out there caring about you unconditionally and I think everyone wants to feel that way...they should.
Words that describe you: Sweet..nice...funny
Why do you want to be apart of this community: To meet new peeps
Who did you promote us to: punkymo
How did you find us: purfect__10

Hope those were ok and thanks :o)

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