xbubblyblondex (xbubblyblondex) wrote in hott_mamii,

Am I A Hott Mamii?

Name: Katie

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Location: United Kingdom

Music: Rnb, Urban, Hip Hop, Rap, Pop! I'm loving Usher too!

Movies: Coyote Ugly, Titanic, American Pie 1,2,3 , Scary Movie 1,2,3.

Quote: You can do anything just never give up and be yourself :)

Thing you like most about you: Everyone says I have a nice personality and attitude towards my family and friends, so I like that.

Whats the most important thing about being a hott_mamii: To be proud of myself in my first rating community (if I'm accepted) and to join in and help rate. :

Whats the most important thing to people theses days and why: I reckon it's mostly style and what you look like so you can be in with the crowd and to be popular.

Words that describe you: Bubbly, Sweet, Funny, Talkitive

Why do you want to be apart of this community: To be proud to be accepted as a hott_mamii and to vote and rate peoples personalitys and looks so hopefully they will be proud too!

Who did you promote us to: silentdreamsend

How did you find us? Through my friend xshesaidx

Pictures: I haven't got a 100x100 pic of me I don't know how to resize but I'm sure if someone helped me I could get one.

Smile for the camera!

Full length pic!

I love experimenting with my hair so it's curly.

Me first thing in the morning, I really don't like pictures of me from the side!
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