Belinda (bellissimamica) wrote in hott_mamii,

Wow, I'm defenietly the worst community member in the history of communities.
Oh well, I'm trying to become more active in the communities I decided to stay in so here are some pictures.

This is actually an older one, but anyways I'm on the far left.

This was the first football came of the year, I'm on the far right. [CCI painted on my stomach, that's right. It's for Central Colleigate Institute}

My school picture...ewww gross.

Another older one, me over the summer at a paddling pool..thats right a paddling pool with my rubber ducky.

Grade 8 grad. Okay so maybe these pictures aren't as recent as I thought lol.

Okay, a recent one lol. I'm the one on the right. I look extremely pale.

That's not the usual me...there was alcohol involved...and a camera...what else do you expect lol. Anyways I'm far left.


Me and my cousin. I'm on the left.

Pretty much the same picture again.

Me drinking whiskey with my cousin over my back lol.

That's all for now.

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